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June, 22, 2018
Irkutsk. What

Пляж Якоби Колесо обозрения Предложение к 1 сентября

We know that in a world of great opportunities it can be difficult to choose a place where to spend your vacation. As true Irkutskophiles, below we will tell about several fresh arguments for our city (in fact, there are more of them):

  1. Jacobi beach
    in this popular place, spent an accomplishment, put benches and beds.
  2. Ferris wheel
    diameter of the wheel is 50 meters, the only Ferris wheel in Irkutsk is on the island of Yunost.
  3. New wake park Wakeplaza, on the Irkutsk reservoir.
  4. In the sports park "Polyana", the highest after the Ural rope park "Vysotsky".
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Friendly staff, wide area of the rented flat.
(New York)

The rooms and bathrooms are very clean and the hotel is quiet at night. We really enjoyed our stay there....

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