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May, 9, 2014
Congratulations on Victory Day!

May 9 in Irkutsk will be the traditional celebrations of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

9.00-10.00 festive procession through the main streets.

10.10-10.50 Laying wreaths at the memorial " Eternal Flame"

11.00-12.00 Procession power structures

12.00-14.00 Mass events in the square Kirov

14.00-20.00 Concert program at the stadium "Trud"

12:00-21:00 Celebrations on Gagarin Boulevard: outdoor kitchen, children's drawing competition, street karaoke kinokontsert concert featuring choirs veterans and readers of children's theater " Lyubimovka " master class "My first plane", a dance for senior Irkutians generation "Sunday Boulevard" and other activities.

23.00 - climactic event fireworks.

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