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Reports on travel to Lake Baikal and not only ...

January, 12, 2013
Mountain China

Once again, realized that sitting at home for a long time is bad, we took the path of least resistance, decided to visit the mountainous China. This country is amazing, full of contrasts, especially for Russian citizen. The place sometimes pleases, sometimes surprises. In spite of friends advices to relax near beach resort our way follows in the mountains. Opportunity to warm the bones on the sand we left to old age.

Bought tickets for 2 days prior to departure, we were at the starting point of the route - Beijing. The flight was at night, and before landing, seemed that we land in a sea of lights.

We don’t have time and desire to stay in the bustling megalopolis.



Two days were spent by going by a train; we want to be imbued with Chinese culture. The next destination was the capital of Yunnan Province. It is a small town by Chinese standards with populations is no more than 6 million people. Meanwhile winter is in Siberia our thermometer shows +25C. The base of the Academy free travelers is located in Kunming from October to the beginning of 2013 year. This is the place where everybody can get accommodation, food and wise advice. During our traveling, we stayed mostly in youth hostels, in meeting places of various categories of travelers. We do not want to overpay for the hotel.

Without wasting time, we follow the journey to the north of the province by buses, trains. There were Tibet foodhills. The area is compose of small cozy towns, temples, ancient culture and high snowy peaks.

Dali is an ancient Chinese city. It preserved original appearance. Height of 2000 meters.



The city where the nation Nasi inhabits. It is old and keeps the original look. Lijiang is entered in a list of UNESCO.


The Tibet roads are deserved a separate story. They are narrow, dodging above deep gorges. Just one rood connects Yunnan Province and Tibet where avalanches often take place. The local drivers have courage in abundance.


Shangri La (eng. translation Sun and Mood in the heart) is quiet place, which is surrounded snowy mountains, peaceful lakes, meadows.


Meili snow mountain (Himalayas) is a sacred place for Buddhists pilgrims. Ordinary people consider that this place is magnificent and mystical.


Tibet does not dispose to hurry, we want to stay in a monastery for some months but vacation time was over, the weather also amended. After a few days on the road, two flights by Chinese planes we were in familiar Irkutsk.

Tours to Baikal
Excursion in Irkutsk
A sightseeing tour through the historical center of Irkutsk. It is great opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the city and an ancient architectural complex.

Tour to Arshan
Crystal clear air near the foot of the snow peaks of the Sayan Mountains, the unique therapeutic mineral water sources will give you health and charge you energy for many months.

Fishing tour
Lake Baikal has 52 different species of fish among which lenok, taimen, pike and perch. Baikal fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy the nature away from crowded places.

Jeep tour on Olkhon
Traviling by off-road vehicles on Olkhon is exciting adventure among natural monuments, archaeological sites, protected areas of the island It is all is away from city bustle.

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