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Tour to Baikal Railway

Circum-Baikal Railway (Circum) - a unique place not only on the lake, but also, perhaps, in the world. By the number of various kinds of work per 1 km of track, and the difficulty of their performance surpassed Circum-Baikal railway, all built railway lines in the world and is considered among the most beautiful railways. Tour Circum takes a full day, depending on the schedule of the route starts from Irkutsk, tourists go by bus to the village. Listvyanka, cross the Angara River by ferry, then follow the tour on the train on Circum-Baikal (on certain days of the route changes direction reversed). On the way, it is supposed to stop in the most beautiful and interesting places. During the entire tourist excursions accompanied by a guide.

Экскурсия по КБЖД Экскурсия по КБЖД

Экскурсия по КБЖД Экскурсия по КБЖД Экскурсия по КБЖД

Duration: 1 day

Price: from 3,500 rubles.

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Travel stories
January, 12, 2013
Mountain China
Once again, realized that sitting at home for a long time is bad, we took the path of least resistance, decided to visit the mountainous China.

November, 5, 2014
Zhom Bolok alloy
THe photo trip of river rafting Zhom Bolok

May, 8, 2013
The photo trip on Baikal ice by bicycles
The photo trip on Baikal ice by bicycles

September, 6, 2013
Верхний Иркут. Сплав по каньонам.
Иркут – река горная на большем своем протяжении. Участок 40 км от стрелки с Белым Иркутом – сплошная череда порогов и шивер. Этот факт не может не привлекать многочисленных любителей бурной воды.

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