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Excursion in Irkutsk

Irkutsk - an old Siberian city, whose streets have preserved the memory of the history of more than 350 years. During the tour, with a guide, you will visit the most interesting points of the Decembrists Museum, Kirov Square, the ensemble of churches, "eternal" fire, 130 quarter, stroll along the embankment of the Angara, to see the monument of Alexander 3 and mythical Babra - Irkutsk coat of arms. According to your desire excursion can be walking or car - walking.

Tour of Irkutsk Tour of Irkutsk Tour of Irkutsk

Tour of Irkutsk Tour of Irkutsk Tour of Irkutsk

Duration about 5 hours

Price from 1500 rubles

Booking Contacts:

Phone: (3952)240124, 89041379140

Email: ekaterina@irkutskhostel.ru

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September, 6, 2013
Верхний Иркут. Сплав по каньонам.
Иркут – река горная на большем своем протяжении. Участок 40 км от стрелки с Белым Иркутом – сплошная череда порогов и шивер. Этот факт не может не привлекать многочисленных любителей бурной воды.

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