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November, 5, 2014
Zhom Bolok alloy

Zhombolok - is not just a beautiful river vybivshaya its way across the bed of lava , but the fascinating aquatic route 5 grade. The river originates from Lake Bursagay -Noor at the height of 1579.5 m . Asl . Pressed valley Bolok Flanked snow-capped peaks of the Eastern Sayan.

Rafting on the river was awesome Zhom Bolok completion this summer . But the idea is to lay such a beautiful place will be a long time. The journey begins quite traditional , quick charges at home, careful packing snaryagu killed in life Istana 10 hours on the road to varying degrees of dead and here we have the whole team arrived in Orlik. Further way to overcome the mighty KAMAZ . However , a reliable , high cross passenger car also would cope with this task.

Two hours of shaking in open bodies of 15 people , and landed at the base camp at 42go threshold. " The weak part of the team " amused tents , cooking belated breakfast , and men gathered melting -Tools , namely catamarans " Matilda ".

In the evening decided to warm up on the doorstep of 42.

Then stroll through the lava maze of valleys that enough fresh mountain air with the scent of herbs and flowers.

Today we will have the most interesting part of the alloy : Threshold " Billiards " 4-5 kc .

Threshold " Catapult " - yum route threshold waterfall , powerful streams fall from 3 meter height. When mishap sideways conductor inevitably awaits coup.

Weather August in those regions most in autumn than in summer . Snow on top of each day descends ever closer , the night in boilers freezes 2-3 inches of ice. Wetsuit in the morning breaks the crust of ice, warmed them with her body heat . While all of this stuff of life, when the fire is burning hot , and around the warm company of friends.

In the 3 day adventure we passed some interesting thresholds : Option , Touchy and a few whose names are not in the memory set aside.

Road home , unlike the way to Jaume Bolok , held in daylight and it allowed enough to enjoy the amazing scenery of Buryatia.

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