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我们为您提供的贝加尔湖的精彩旅游团。大湖你会惊奇与美丽的风景,风景和野生动物的多样性。参加前往贝加尔湖是很容易 - 阅读并选择下列任何旅行团或通过电话(3952)240124,89041379140致电我们,我们将会为您准备一个单独的程序。

  • Olkhon adventures

    A iourney to Olkhon island gives you a feeling as you have traveled a half  of the world! On the island you can see the steppe landscapes and deciduous forests with relict fir woods.

    持续时间 3 days
    价格从 10000盧布
    Tour to Baikal Railway

    Circum貝加爾鐵路 - 人造湖的主要景點,一個紀念碑,建築和工程,以及與美麗的大自然的地方。

    持续时间 1 day
    价格从 3 500 roubles
    Excursion to Listvyanka

    A day excursion to the tourist capital of Baikal. You will see the mysterious Shaman Rock, adorable seal, Limnological Museum and unforgettable beauty of the great lake.

    持续时间 1 day
    价格从 2 500 roubles
    Excursion in Irkutsk

    A sightseeing tour through the historical center of Irkutsk. It is great opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the city and an ancient architectural complex.

    持续时间 5 hours
    价格从 on request
  • Tour to Arshan

    Crystal clear air near the foot of the snow peaks of the Sayan Mountains, the unique therapeutic mineral water sources will give you health and charge you energy for many months.

    持续时间 5 days
    价格从 on request
    Fishing tour

    Lake Baikal has 52 different species of fish among which lenok, taimen, pike and perch. Baikal fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy the nature away from crowded places.

    持续时间 1 day
    价格从 on request
    Quadrocycles on Baikal

    It is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing lake. Shoot by a quadbike through the picturesque and rugged forest trails along the coast of Lake Baikal.

    持续时间 2 days
    价格从 on request
    Jeep tour on Olkhon

    Traviling by off-road vehicles on Olkhon is exciting adventure among natural monuments, archaeological sites, protected areas of the island It is all is away from city bustle.

    持续时间 5 days
    价格从 on request
May, 6, 2013
Winter Baikal . March of 2011.
Winter Baikal . March of 2011.

April, 15, 2013
The trip around Baikal on kayaks 2012. Part 1.
The trip around Baikal on kayaks 2012. Part 1.

July, 26, 2013
Три джентельмена на Аваланчах. Малое Голоустное – бухта Песчаная.
В конце июля 2012 года мы, три человека с велосипедами, направились далеко к востоку от города Краснодара и Краснодарского края вообще. Сибирь манила.

March, 30, 2015
Every year on May Day celebrations thousands of outdoor enthusiasts gather at the direction of the rivers White Irkut and Muguvek to participate in a high holiday.

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