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Reports on travel to Lake Baikal and not only ...

March, 15, 2014
Mountain Mamaj - freeride mecca of Lake Baikal.

River Gorge Big Mamaj - it's a beautiful valley in the Khamar-Daban, named in honor of the summit. For many years, this place attracts a lot of fans of extreme sports. Availability, a huge amount of snow, varied terrain freeride collected here for the past two decades.

Ski season is much longer than the local prepared tracks, snow level, which is enough for skating falls in late October and lasts until the end of May. Until Baikal is covered with ice in the gorge holds a very comfortable temperature in January and February relatively cool, and by March warms again.

Mamaj - is gentle and Doodle, and narrow corridors between the rocks, drop, extensive snowfields and a vertical drop of up to 700 meters. Locations for a huge number of descents, tell about the most popular of them are:

"Beginners" - plateau at the foot of the double-headed;

"Three Birch" - the point on the north - east side of Mamaj, near the border of the forest. Hence rolled eastern corridors;

mountain Mamaj - from the top of the mountain slopes on the alpine couloirs with a nice slant;

Lookout Mountain - top on the west side of the valley. The descent begins with sloping tops, then goes into steep gullies;

"Meat slope" - a very popular place in the depths of the gorge, woodland and slopes with an average gradient.

Besides endless pleasure and fun Mamaj fraught with danger - with most slopes avalanches, so we recommend to ride in the company of an experienced guide and in the presence of avalanche equipment.

Interested? How to get there: displace on mom is at 195 km . federal highway Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude . Machine may be driven on the road along the forest road and drive inland , as far as far as specifications allow transport. Another option - train, get off at the station Mamaj , walk out to the road , a little to the side of Ulan-Ude and after the bridge turn onto the road that leads into the gorge. Road turns into the trail and gradually begins to climb the mountain . Section from the trailhead to the wintering walking distance , but we prefer a faster way - snowmobiles .

Successfully ride all!

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