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October, 18, 2023

Скидки на проживание в многоместных номера для групп

Стоимость для проживания групп в многоместных номерах - 800 рублей с человека.

December, 27, 2018

Happy New Year!

The Irkutsk Hostel team congratulates all its guests with the New Year!

June, 22, 2018

Irkutsk. What

We know that in a world of great opportunities it can be difficult to choose a place where to spend your vacation.

August, 29, 2017

Promotion for students!

We remind you about the action for students. Live in Irkutsk Hostel for 9000 rubles a month.

April, 6, 2017

Descent in bathing suits already on April 22!

Descent in bathing suits at the Baikal ski resort "Sobolinaya Mountain" is already April 22.

February, 16, 2017

Zimniada 2017

The fourteenth International Festival of Winter "Zimniada 2017" games will be held on Lake Baikal from 17 February to 19 March.

December, 28, 2016

New Year coming soon!

New Year coming soon! If you are in Irkutsk, you can become a member of exciting activities!

October, 26, 2016

We sponsor of national competitions Freeride "Mamay first snow"

It is no secret that the company Irkutsk hostel with both hands for the sport, doing themselves and support others.

August, 30, 2016

Especially for students

We offer accommodation in the city center. Comfortable hostel: comfortable rooms, comfortable kitchen, TV, wifi, the opportunity to practice foreign languages.

August, 22, 2016

International Music Festival "Stars on Baikal"

International Music Festival "Stars on Baikal" in Irkutsk will take place from 3 to 11 September.

June, 15, 2016

Popular hiking routes on Lake Baikal

Summer - it's time for adventure and trekking. For you, we have collected the most popular and accessible routes that are available to everyone.

May, 17, 2016

Have time to book for the summer 2016!

Achiever book hotel apartments and rooms in hostels!

March, 31, 2016

150 kilometer trail will be built on Lake Baikal

BBT invites everyone to participate in our new project "ECO-ACTION!" in 2016.

February, 29, 2016

Zimniada 2016

Good news.
After a break of several years, the Siberian Tourism Association again conducts Festival Winter Games at Lake Baikal «Zimniada».

January, 15, 2016

In Irkutsk, the All-Russian contest held start-ups in 2016

It will be a large-scale project to find promising teams with innovative ideas in different fields

December, 11, 2015

Where to buy gifts for friends and loved ones?

Where to buy gifts for friends and loved ones? And maybe even make them yourself?

October, 30, 2015

The meteorite fell Baikal

On the shore of Lake Baikal meteorite fell (now we are almost as steep as Chelyabinsk).

August, 4, 2015

Wake up! Wake station Irkutsk

These guys made our summer wakeboard, sports trampoline, renting SUP surfing, kayaks and more.

June, 24, 2015

Russian-Chinese Youth Games 2015

Soon will be held in Irkutsk, Russian-Chinese Youth Games.

May, 13, 2015

"Early Booking"

Now have time to book accommodation for the summer prices the winter season.

March, 4, 2015

Spring on the Baikal

Baikal is interesting at any time of year, but especially in the spring it is beautiful, and many places are becoming more accessible.

December, 9, 2014

Irkutsk actively prepare for the New Year

Irkutsk actively prepare for the New Year 2015 at the park Kirov establish tree forest beauty and master ice town. Shops decorate festive accessories..

September, 21, 2014

Cross of the nation 2014!

Residents and visitors can take part in a large-scale celebration of sport and health.

September, 2, 2014

Special offer for students!

Living in multi-bed rooms for only 6000 rubles a month. The price includes: accommodation, all amenities (kitchen, you like this area, shower + toilet, wifi, linen)...

July, 24, 2014

Baikal Motor Show 2014!

This year will be the 10th anniversary celebration of all fans tuning "BMSH 2014" .6-7 in Irkutsk on September stadium "Trud" spectators and participants will be able to appreciate the best models for all 10 years of the festival.

July, 10, 2014

Heart of the City

Now Irkutsk took part in the nationwide "Heart of the City"!

June, 16, 2014

Carnival in Irkutsk!

More than 7,000 participants in the carnival began in Irkutsk. Parade was held at the City Day, June 7. 2 hours Irkutsk citizens and guests of the city saw 108 carnival columns.

May, 29, 2014

no version for this language

no version for this language

May, 20, 2014

International Opera Music Festival "Breath of Baikal"

Classical music lovers can enjoy the works of famous artists from America, Europe, Russia.

May, 9, 2014

Congratulations on Victory Day!

May 9 in Irkutsk will be the traditional celebrations of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

May, 3, 2014

Congratulations on Day holiday!

Hooray congratulate all Day holiday!

April, 23, 2014

The Pink Floyd show UK in Irkutsk

Soon people od Irkutsk city expect mega-spectacular show of musical project «The Pink Floyd Show UK».

April, 13, 2014

Competition in sailing races on the ice of Lake Baikal in 2014

In Irkutsk quite summer came, and Baikal, meanwhile, has just started exempt from Wintergrasp.

April, 4, 2014

Spring on Lake Baikal

Spring Lake Baikal came earlier than usual.

March, 27, 2014

Night Yoga in Irkutsk

Free practice session of yoga schools "Wings of perfection".

February, 27, 2014

The traditional russian festival "Maslenitsa" 2014.

The 1st and the 2nd of March the folk festivals take place for long-awaited spring.

February, 7, 2014

The Event "Khuzhir party." Soon!

Project "Huzhir party" every year people gather at Lake Baikal ...

February, 4, 2014

Baikal - the best place for a winter holiday

Readers of the world famous magazine «National Geographic» absolutely agree with this.

January, 24, 2014

Baikal lake freeze in 2014 year, does not it?

This year Baikal in no hurry to cover it with a mighty ice cap.

January, 16, 2014

Irkutsk - one of the most recognizable and comfortable cities of Russia!

Summed up the Internet voting "City Russia. National choice."

October, 28, 2013

Олимпийский огонь на Байкале!

23 ноября Олимпийский факел опустят на дно Байкала в самом глубоком месте.

October, 9, 2013

Project «Russia 10»

Lake Baikal has become a finalist of «Russia 10» contest.

September, 24, 2013

The 12th Baikal International Festival "Man and Nature"

The Irkutsk residents and guests will see 150 popular science and documentaries films about the interaction between man and nature from 26 to 30 of September.

September, 16, 2013

Дрифт шоу на острове Юность!

Сильнейшие гонщики будут соревноваться в мастерстве на острове Юность. Успевайте приобрести билеты у организаторов шоу.

September, 10, 2013

Save Baikal Lake together.

A lot of garbage will be removed on Olkhon island 15 and 16 of September.

September, 3, 2013

The Russian cup of skyrunning to Cherskogo peak

The last weekend of this summer was very busy for sporting and cultural events.

August, 27, 2013

Hen–party and sails

We have celebrated a wonderful event, our indispensable accountant Maria married.

August, 8, 2013

The water sport festival "Baikal wind." Coming Soon!

The fans of water sports wait for the event impatiently on the spit near Posolskiy bay of Lake Baikal.

July, 19, 2013

The engineers of Future 2013

Two thousand young engineers from Russia and other countries meet together on Baikal Lake.

July, 15, 2013


From 7 to 9 of July, on the shore of Lake Baikal the most incendiary rock and metal bands (from Siberia) perform.

June, 21, 2013

Summer with sails on Lake Baikal. Baikal Race of 2013

During the summer of 2013 five yacht-race is going to be, they will be held in the waters of Irkutsk reservoir and Lake Baikal. The first race "summer sailing" had held from June 14-16 at the Irkutsk Reservoir.

June, 17, 2013

Erdynskie games 2013

The famous sport ethno-cultural festival - Erdynskie games occur soon from 14 to 16 of June.

May, 23, 2013

The annual festival "BaikalMotorShow"

The annual festival "BaikalMotorShow" takes place the 1-2 of June in Irkutsk. More than 100 vehicles, in the various categories will be published.

May, 14, 2013

Ski and snowboard cross competition

Экстремальные соревнования по бордеркроссу и скикроссу прошли на Белом Иркуте 3 мая.

April, 18, 2013

Irkutsk has been named the most beautiful city in Russia

Irkutsk is second among the most beautiful cities in Russia, according to media holding RBC, giving the 1st place to Kaliningrad city.

April, 9, 2013

Jazz on Baikal 2013

«Jazz on Baikal 2013» in April of 2013 occurs at the stage of Irkutsk Musical Theater named Zagurskiy N.M.

March, 29, 2013

Go through the Baikal lake!

We congratulate team of Irkutsk hostel who the 23 of March 2013 made a passage through the Baikal lake. The path was from the station “Temnaya pad’” to Sludyanka city.

March, 22, 2013

The Big Alpine Marathon

Last weekend in the Angara region one of the largest events “the Ponomarchuk memory Big Alpine Marathon (BAM)” took place.

March, 14, 2013

7 days around winter lake Baikal

The Expedition around the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal has completed successfully. During 7 days, the team had been driving more than 1,000 kilometers by snowmobiles and cars, visited the most beautiful places of the southern, central and northern Baikal.

February, 28, 2013

Expedition-Trophy 2013

The Participants of well-known Russian race "Expedition-Trophy 2013" cross Baikal, about 100 km across the ice.

February, 18, 2013

Snowmobiles and the Mamai gorge

Riding a snowmobile in the picturesque slopes of Baikal ranges is an adventure for daring and active people.

February, 8, 2013

By Valentine

From 14 to 20 February in the House of Cinema and cultural - entertainment center "Khudozhestvennuy" Irkutsk citizens and visitors can enjoy a short film «Love Shorts».

January, 31, 2013

Baikal seal

Seal is one of the most famous, but at the same time mysterious creatures on the Lake.

January, 21, 2013

Crystal seal 2013

From the 9th of February to the 16th of February the traditional competition “Crystal seal 2013” occurs in Listvyanka village on the ice of Lake Baikal. Talented Russian sculptors will create masterpieces of ice; the theme is "Baikal is a wonder of the world". The viewers can vote for their favorite sculptures, evaluate food in the ice restaurant. The winners will represent Russia in the World Championships ice sculptures «Ice Alaska - 2014".

January, 14, 2013

The Winter Beauty of Lake Baikal

At the beginning of January The lake Baikal has fully frozen. It opens new opportunities for travelers. Hiking and cross-country skiing, ice car Expedition will be possible in a few weeks! Hurry up to appreciate the beauty of the winter lake.

December, 29, 2012

Happy New Year!

Коллектив сети гостиниц "Иркутск Хостел" поздравляет всех с наступающим 2013 годом. Мы уверены, что грядущий год будет насыщен яркими и позитивными событиями. Желаем, чтобы исполнялись все самые заветные желания, здоровья Вам и счастья!

December, 18, 2012

От Байкала до Хубсугула на воздушном шаре

3 отважных воздухоплавателя совершили перелет от озера Байкала до его «монгольского брата» озера Хубсугул.

December, 12, 2012

Сезон открыт!

Хотя зима еще не вступила в свои права на все 100%, в горах, окружающих Байкал, уже выпало рекордное количество снега. Этим не могли не воспользоваться иркутские и бурятские экстремалы.

October, 7, 2012

End of summer on Baikal

В Прибайкалье в самом разгаре “бабье лето”. Во вторые выходные сентября произошло целых 2 спортивных мероприятия, которые нельзя оставить без внимания.

October, 7, 2012

Осень на Байкале

Осень на Байкале - это красивейшая пора. Прекрасный повод посетить наш край.

September, 9, 2012

Звёзды на Байкале

Иркутск вновь принимает мировых знаменитостей. «Звезды на Байкале» начнут блестеть с 9 сентября. 10 дневный праздник для всех ценителей классической музыки. Фестиваль создан по инициативе Дениса Мацуева и Иркутского музыкального театра им. Загурского.

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